Whole Body Cryotherapy

Step into our nitrogen-cooled vapor chamber for 3 minutes to elevate energy, uplift mood. Increase mental clarity, boost your immune system, increase physical performance while reducing pain by improving your body's natural anti-inflammatories. Just three minutes can accelerate weightless by buying an average of 500-800 calories. Give us only 3 minutes, and you will be riding an endorphin high for the remainder of your day into a sound night of sleep. 


1st-Session $40

Single session $50

10 Session Package $400

Facial OR Décolletage Treatment

Rest comfortably for 10 minutes while nitrogen fueled cryogenically cooled vapor brushes upon your face or décolletage and elevates collagen production while increasing skin firmness. This service reduces fine lines, diminishes pore size, soothes acne, and reverses sun damage. Cryotherapy facials/ décolletage treatments immediately promote youthful skin. Experience a single treatment and see your new youthful glow, though we don't think you'll want to stop there!


1st-time Facial or Decolletage Treatment $35

1st-time Facial and Decolletage Treatment $65

Single Facial or Décolletage treatment $45

Single Facial and Décolletage treatment $75

10 Pack Facial or Decolletage Treatment $350       

10 Pack Facial and Décolletage treatment $650

Ion Cleanse Foot Bath 

Relax for 30 minutes while soaking your feet in our ion foot cleanse bath. Ion foot cleaning removes toxins, free radicles, and body waste products that can cause health problems. It also lowers your body’s pH to a more alkaline environment. High pH levels create an ideal breeding ground for parasites and microorganisms that lower body function. Ion cleansing has also been shown to relieve pain from tension, including headaches, purify blood and lymph, increase peripheral circulation, stimulate the immune system, and bring it back into balance. Additionally, ion cleansing can enhance nutrient absorption, reduce inflammation, decrease unwanted fluid retention, assist with weight loss, improve flexibility, slow down aging, clear the skin. Also, ion cleansing can minimize recovery time from disease and injury, increase oxygen throughout the body, rejuvenate as well as energize the body, and improve sleep. 


1st-time Ion Cleanse $25

Single Ion Cleanse $35

10 Pack Ion Cleanse $250

NormaTec Compression Therapy 

Take 20 minutes out of your busy day to treat yourself to compression therapy. Benefits include a reduction in swelling and inflammation, the speeding up of muscle recovery, prevention of delayed-onset muscle soreness, relieving muscle pain, improved athletic performance. As well as an increase in flexibility and range of motion, decrease in muscle fatigue, removal of exercise-related wastes like lactic acid. 

NormaTec compression therapy achieves unparalleled results through their “pulsing, distal release, gradient” method. The suit provides compression in intervals by section. It does this by inflating intermittently to mimic natural blood flow. NormaTec’s focus is on athletic recovery through the science of blood flow. The circulatory system delivers oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to every cell in your body. Simultaneously, this complex circuit removes metabolic wastes such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, effectively flushing your system of toxins. 


1st-time Compression Therapy $20

Single Compression Therapy $35

10 Pack Compression Therapy $200

FIT Bodywrap

The FIT Bodywrap in an all-around health tool, it can aid in weight loss. Weight loss is achieved by raising your body's core temperature above 100.6 degrees. This rise in temperature causes your body to enter a cooling down period inducing 3-5 times more sweat than a workout session. For best weight loss results, 3-4 sessions a week are recommended for at least 2-4 weeks. FIT Bodywrap sessions have been shown to aid in pain relief; it does this through inferred heat therapy. Heat deeply penetrates the body to increase blood flow and tissue oxygenation to speed healing. The inferred heat also induces detox, sweat from infrared heat immersion can contain up to 20% toxins, as opposed to 3-5% in normal sweating. Detox has additionally been found to have many anti-aging benefits. Sessions can also aid in cellulite reduction. Reduction occurs when fat becomes water-soluble after being subjected to infrared heat; it is then flushed put through the body's lymphatic system.



1st-time FIT Bodywrap $35

Single Session FIT Bodywrap $45

10 Pack Fit Bodywrap $350

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